Fall is coming…Oh yes, it is…

I know you probably don’t want to hear this but it’s almost SEPTEMBER. The munchkins are back in schools already, the scholars are off to college leaving some moms and dads as empty nesters. It’s a weird feeling, but you will get over it, trust me, I did. Oh, it took me a while, but just as we were getting used to it, one moved back and brought his soon to be wife with him. She’s a sweetheart and we love her dearly. They have since gotten married, bought a house, had twins, etc.

I’m just saying that the empty, ‘I don’t know what to do with myself’ feeling when they are first gone, will subside and things will change. I have learned over time that the only constant in life, is change. Nothing ever really stays the same. For instance, we are trying to sell our house and move back to the town we lived in when we got married. We both know that the saying ‘you can’t go home again’ is true, things have changed and won’t be the same as we remember them, but things have remained enough the same so that it feels like coming home again. You can still stop at the general store and run into someone you know, or go to the dump and run into someone you haven’t seen since you moved away 30-years ago.

And with the empty nest comes fall and pumpkins and colorful falling leaves, the county agricultural fair, and then frost on those pumpkins. So you see, fall is coming, oh yes, it is…

Hello world!

Welcome to Day 1 of my new website. You are starting out with me at the very beginning, so you will see all my mistakes as I learn this process (aka I have never done a website before). I had one eons ago when I sold real estate but I did not host it, so now I am learning a new trick. I come from an insurance and real estate background and then medical secretary, so this new gig, aka writing is interesting. Oh, I have written all my life but only for fun. Now I am getting serious. During 2016 NANOWRIMO I finished a cozy mystery manuscript that I am quite proud of. I have been editing and rewriting since November and I am hoping that this baby is ready to fly from the nest soon. It will all depend on the latest round of ARC reviews.

I sent out some ARCs a little while ago and am awaiting feedback. If there is anyone who did not get one who would like one, please let me know by return email and I will get one to you as soon as possible. It’s the story of Abby, the elder Brennan sister, and is the flagship for the trilogy of the “Brennan Sisters Mysteries”, the first is tentatively titled “Murder in a Small Town”.  The second is half done and is about younger sister Charli, and is tentatively titled “Blind Dates Can Be Murder”. All I have for the third book is a title and outline but I promise it will be a great one!

Next post, I will include an excerpt from Book #1 as a little teaser for you all. In the meantime, if you are writers, write on! If you are readers, buy more book shelves!