May 14, 2018

Hi Everyone:

What a beautiful day today is! I hope it is where you are. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and a belated Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s out there. I hope you had a wonderful day. I did.

Now we are into the middle of May, past the Kentucky Derby (I am sorry to say I didn’t get to watch it this year) and half-way to Memorial Day. Lots of holidays and spring and summer events to come. We have two ginormous azalea bushes outside our sunroom that are bursting into a gazillion pink flowers, and the honey bees and bumble bees are going absolutely crazy. The bushes literally hum with their activity.

I don’t know if I have written since losing my kitty, Alex, my friend of thirteen years. I have grieved by throwing myself into my writing as I have fond memories of him coming to curl up on my lap while I was trying to write or getting up on my keyboard to get my attention.

So, I focused on writing and finished book #2 in the Brennan Sisters Mystery Series. This is Charli’s story which takes place about a year after the first book, which was all about Abby (that one is off to the publishers, hoping someone will want to pick it up – if not, I’ll be talking about self-publishing on Amazon on here). The second book starts off with a murder but then turns its focus to discovering who Charli’s real father is and the fallout related to that. There’s a bit of romance involved, and horses (for any horse enthusiasts out there). There might even be some unanswered questions left for book #3, which will focus on both sisters about two years later. Book #2 is now in the hands of my trusty beta readers.

I was so focused that I finished another project I had been working on for some time. This one is a YA novel/novella about a young girl, sixteen-year-old Malena who loses her Mom in a car crash that turns out not to be an accident. The guilty party is now after Malena, and her Dad, a cop, sends Malena to stay with her uncle on his ranch in Montana for safe keeping while Dad searches for the killer. Malena’s not sure she wants to be on her Uncle’s ranch, and her cousin is certainly not welcoming. When the killer finds his way to the Montana hideaway, can they keep Malena safe until help can arrive? So far this is called Malena’s Journey, but I am open to suggestions. This is also in the hands of beta readers.

When I publish, I am not sure if I should put everything under one name (Linda S Holbrook) or publish the adult stuff under that name and the YA stuff under a different version of my name (L S Holbrook). What are your thoughts about that?

I am working on the outline for book #3  in the mystery trilogy. And I am trying to decide whether to start book #3 next or another project. I have several ideas to kick around, but they are still in the kicking-around stage.

Here’s wishing everyone a glorious week and I’ll “see” you at my next post.